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At N10 Locksmiths our emergency N10 locksmiths service deal with all types of repair including door lock, rim lock, patio locks, security door, lock pick, latch locks and window locks. Our N10 locksmiths are able to help you with any lock problem you may have with our 24 hour emergency locksmith service. Our locksmiths usually attend a call out within 30 minutes or less in the N10 and surrounding areas. Our locksmith specialists are ready and equipped to deal with emergency and non emergency lock jobs on our visit.

We at N10 locksmiths offer a fast response service providing the customer with a trained telephone operator to take your initial call to understand your requirements so that our locksmith attending the job will be prepared for the job ahead. This way you, the customer will be assured that the repairs will be completed as soon as possible



Using new and old methods, we open, service, cut keys and repair locks both in our workshop and with our mobile engineers. When we visit your site, to gain entry with minimum damage, our locksmiths will make keys to locks and repair the old locks. We try to avoid the unnecessary expense of changing locks where possible. Another example of our work include making a warded key in order to work an old Church Lock. We have many year of experience in lock repairs and making keys to locks, which ranges from the classic car key barrels, safe keys to security special sectioned locks. We also have a mobile key cutting service where our mobile key cutting locksmiths can drop by your place of work or at your home and cut all types of keys. Our mobile key cutting service is available in the North London area. The mobile key cutting locksmiths carry an extensive range of blank keys to suit all types of locks. Best of all the mobile key cutting service has no extra cost attached. You only pay for the keys that our mobile key cutting locksmiths make for you. Minimum charges apply.


N10 locksmiths are a family business who has been providing services for 25 years to the N10 area. N10 locksmiths are one of those family businesses that care for the customer. N10 Locksmiths provides a specialist services for car keys, and have the technology useful for duplicating transponders and repairing key fobs. We can provide these services for popular car brands such as FORD, Vauxhall, Renault, and Peugeot.

N10 locksmiths provide a 24hr emergency key cutting service, and lock opening service – in case you find yourself locked out, with a broken key, or needing emergency burglary repairs. Our welcoming and genuine locksmiths will be able to come to your N10 home in under 30 minutes to for an on-site duplication or lock repair.

Your local N10 locksmiths offers a specialist key cutting service whereby your key can be cut while-u-wait. N10 locksmiths deals with mortice deadlocks, window locks, door locks, and night latches by all the most popular brands – such as Chubb, Ingersoll, Yale, and Mul-t-lock. The family run business conforms to the very latest British Standards for high-security, and is the most popular locksmith in North London N10.

As N10 Locksmiths are currently the most popular N10 locksmiths in N10 and provide a key cutting, key duplication, key repair, and many more services to the N10 area, it is important that N10 customers are aware of other locksmiths from outside the N10 area fitting their own lock brands rather than recognized brand name locks such as those by Ingersoll, Chubb, Yale and Mul-t-lock. The keys for these own branded locks are difficult and expensive to cut. The customer may have travel to an inconvenient destination in order to cut a duplicate key.

N10 Locksmiths are conveniently placed in Muswell Hill Broadway – an accessible destination for N10 customers, and our friendly and experienced professional team of locksmiths will be able to solve all your key cutting problems at a low cost in a friendly place. We at N10 Locksmiths only fit the branded locks that you are familiar with, like Chubb, Yale, Ingersoll, Union, Legge and Era. If you do require a restricted registered key then we will be able to fit those kind of locks too but only at your request.

10 locksmiths creates personalised number plates in under 30 minutes.

N10 locksmiths will also deliver number plates to your N10 address at your desired delivery date. N10 locksmiths produces all styles of number plates for popular cars such as Jaguar, Bentley, 4x4, Ford focus, and for motorcycles; all are approved by the Department of Transport. N10 locksmiths will also supply you with the methods of number plate attachment, such as sticky pads, screw kits, and coloured number plate holders. N10 locksmiths also makes show plate, with literally thousands of designs.


If you are in N10 and need a car locksmiths because of the following key problems then give N10 Locksmiths a call. Have a broken car key? Have key problems? Have faulty locks? Locked out of vehicle? Need a replacement car key? Lost your car key? Have ECU problems? Have fault car and van locks? Have a broken transponder? Broken remote? Need transponder reprogramming? Fault van or car locks? Have a broken remote? Have a faulty transponder car key? Have faulty chips? Need car key cutting and car key duplicating? Need ECU programming? Have faulty transponder car keys? Need replacement batteries or other parts?

N10 locksmiths uses the latest Automotive-transponder device (Advanced Diagnostic M.P.V. System AD100), as well as laptop technology to give N10 locksmiths the upper edge in car key technology, when it comes to fixing your broken car key. N10 locksmiths provide an on-site, low cost key cutting service, where our experienced N10 Locksmiths.

N10 locksmiths can cut a key to fit your lock, copy your coded transponder key fob, cut your transponder keys to code and to locks, duplicate fixed, rolling, and cryptographic electronic code transponder systems, supply and code remote key fobs, program your ECU (a specialized service by N10 Locksmiths), and do much, much more. N10 locksmiths can solve almost any vehicle lock problem, just give us a call on 0208 444 7310. Our Locksmith shop and locksmiths are based in the N10 area, ready for a speedy response.

The 3 current types of transponder system include:
1. Fixed Electronic Code, whereby the electronic code does not change when the engine starts, and each key has its own code.
2. Rolling Electronic Code, whereby the code is rewritten each time the engine is started, the manufacturer knowing the code-changing formula.
3. Cryptographic Electronic Code, whereby the manufacturer keeps the internal algorithm secret like a password protected system. N10 locksmiths possess the skills and equipment to get past all 3 transponder types.

N10 locksmiths can duplicate your car key at a price that is lower than that offered by the car manufacturer. We can duplicate and repair car keys for the following cars: • Jaguar x-type car key
• Jaguar XF car key
• Jaguar XJ car key
• Jaguar XK car key
• Jaguar XKR car key
• Ford Galaxy
• Ford Maverick
• Ford Transit
• Renault Clio
• Renault Twingo
• Renault Scenic
• Vauxhall Zafira
• Vauxhall Astra
• BMW 520i
• Rover 200

Using leading edge technology, N10 locksmiths will solve car key problems.


Muswell Hill Locksmiths N10 have been working with the local N10 police, discussing the areas of weakest security. Crime prevention in N10 is N10-locksmiths number 1 priority, and we therefore provide information on local crime to the public, and suggestions on how to improve the security of your home. Break-ins and burglaries are at an all time high due the economic climate, and high-end areas such as Muswell Hill N10 are a prime target.

We advise that the N10 area take further action in improving the security of their homes. N10 locksmiths suggest using stronger lock brands such as Chubb and Ingersoll in order to achieve the safest result. N10 locksmiths also suggest that new-home-owners change their locks, and join the local neighbourhood watch team; the N10 district is known for its sense of community.

N10 locksmiths provide a 24h emergency helpline if you find yourself in trouble or locked out and require an immediate response. We also provide a key cutting service, and can solve any issues you may encounter such as broken keys, lost keys, broken locks, faulty locks, locked out, blade snapping, and most other key problems. Our emergency lock opening service is useful at desperate times, solved with our on-site key cutting service and repair or a visit to our N10 Locksmiths shop on Muswell Hill Broadway.

News of Local Break-ins The N10 area has recently experienced desperate attempts at break-ins where some doors were broken down or in half during forced entry. As a prevention to this type of break in, N10 locksmiths are offering a frame replacement service, hinge bolts, ratchet bolts, Chubb bolts and locks, and strong branded locks such as Ingersoll and Yale in an attempt to protect your N10 home with high-security locks. Popular and successful locks in the N10 area include locking bolts for Windows such as Chubb 8K116, Chubb 3G114, Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch, Yale 01 Nightlatch, and more. Phone us on 0208 444 7310 for safety advice from our N10 locksmiths.


N10 locksmiths can recommend the best locks for your vulnerable area. One of the most popular locks for N10 – recommended by N10 locksmiths, is the Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch; one of our strongest and most secure. N10 locksmiths provide a specialist service whereby we can replace the barrel of the Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch – unique to N10 locksmiths. Ingersoll Rand is one of the leading companies researching and producing biometric security technologies, and N10 locksmiths are proud to supply them. These exceptionally stylish Ingersoll deadbolts can be double-locked from the outside, and when the door is pulled shut the deadbolt is thrown – adding extra security. The popular Ingersoll SC71 Nightlatch is available from the N10 locksmiths, Muswell Hill, N10.


N10 locksmiths are a family business with over 25 years experience in engraving. At our N10 locksmith’s workshop on Muswell Hill Broadway N10, we are able to engrave on almost any material, from brass to wood. N10 locksmiths can engrave your desired item, but we also supply a range of products such as trophies and shields. This beautiful, nickel plated C5 endurance cup – supplied by N10 locksmiths – is available in 9 sizes. A classic award for a deserving winner, N10 locksmiths can engrave on either the engraving plate or on the trophy body itself. As N10 locksmiths use some of the newest and high-tech engraving systems, there is a huge variety of fonts and graphics for you to choose your engraving design from.

Our engraving workshop can be found locally on Muswell Hill Broadway N10, where you can discuss prices during a short visit liaising with one of our friendly N10 locksmiths. You can also discuss prices over the phone; please call 02084447310 to speak to our N10 locksmiths.N10 locksmiths provide a quality service where detail and intricate design can be masterfully engraved on the most precious of objects. Our N10 locksmiths use a computerised engraving system, as well as the more traditional hand engraving. The superb craftsmanship offered by N10 locksmiths is one that is unbeatable, and has left many customers asking for more. N10 locksmiths can engrave many personal objects such as pet tags, jewellery, and wedding or christening gifts.

The low prices offered by N10 locksmiths are matchless. This plain silver plated frame is a perfect gift for holding a memory. Alternatively, N10 locksmiths supplies satin-finished frames which encompass 3-dimensional engraving. Engraving can be completed while-u-wait in our friendly workshop on Muswell Hill Broadway, or for a desired time more suitable for you. The N10 locksmiths also offer a huge selection of impressive gold-finished medals, such as the GM06 Gold Wreath Medal; possessing a detailed wreath design. N10 locksmiths also offer a durable and resistant tarnish finish for the medal. The finished product is presented in a solid wood hinged box, to complete the look of a number 1 prize for a deserving winner, compliments of N10 locksmiths. The high satisfaction responses received by N10 locksmiths are common, as our workshop on Muswell Hill Broadway stands as the area’s leader in quality engraving.